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Farewell to the soldiers in uniform and the big wars that allow me to fulfill my ambitions! Set on thy wife to observe. You just said earlier that you didn't like how Cassio left my wife's side. Prithee, no more. Don't worry about how I'll handle myself. For if he be not one that truly loves you. And when I told you that Cassio advised me the whole time I was courting Desdemona, you said, "Oh really?" I would not have your free and noble nature. You've known him for a long time, and you can be sure. Trust me, I could do much—. Oh damn her, damn her! In an attempt to unite the sexes with equality, her expression conveys a somewhat different meaning. No, I won't. Oh love, give way to cruel hate! Now, some men have such a loose soul that they mutter things in their sleep. Now you are my lieutenant. This may do something. Who has ever had a heart so pure that impure thoughts haven't held court with lawful thoughts? Never, Iago. Why, what is going on, General? Excellent wretch! When shall he come? Do you have any sense, or a soul? I assure you, when I promise to do something out of friendship, I deliver. On horror’s head horrors accumulate, Do deeds to make heaven weep, all earth amazed, For nothing canst thou to damnation add Greater than that. I am very ill at ease,Unfit for mine own purposes. But—pardon me— I do not in position Distinctly speak of her, though I may fear Her will, recoiling to her better judgment, May fall to match you with her country forms, And happily repent. How has it expanded your understanding? Charm, restrain, hold. As Dian’s visage, is now begrimed and black. I should be wise, because being honest is foolish and causes someone to lose all that he works for. Who steals my purse steals trash. No! Don't get up yet. Desdemona is still not quite dead, so Othello smothers her a little more. Go on, leave me alone. Where virtue is, these are more virtuous. Find related themes, quotes, symbols, characters, and more. Much will be seen in that. 198. Was I completely senseless during the hours she was cheating on me? Therefore, as I am bound, Receive it from me. Receive it from me. Oh what a fool I am for being honest to a fault! 2. It is impossible you should see this, Were they as prime as goats, as hot as monkeys, As salt as wolves in pride, and fools as gross As ignorance made drunk. And I will not worry or fear that she may be unfaithful because I am not very desirable. Read a character analysis of Othello, plot summary, and important quotes. You shall by that perceive him and his means. How could you be satisfied that you know the truth? Desdemona remembers a maid in her parents’ house who died of love, and sings a sad song that the maid had. Cassio is my deserving friend—my Lord, I see you're troubled. This monologue springs from a tense scene between Othello and Desdemona. Set on thy wife to observe. Good my lord, If I have any grace or power to move you His present reconciliation take. What about it didn't you like? When a woman is virtuous, these traits are virtuous as well. See results from the Emilia's Monologue from Othello, Act IV Quiz on Sporcle, the best trivia site on the internet! Witness, you ever-burning lights above, You elements that clip us round about, Witness that here Iago doth give up The execution of his wit, hands, heart, To wronged Othello’s service. Thou hast set me on the rack.I swear ’tis better to be much abusedThan but to know ’t a little. Or Tuesday at noon, or Tuesday night, or even Wednesday morning. Oh, beware, my lord, of jealousy! The Othello monologues below are extracts from the full NoSweatShakespeare modern Othello ebook, along with a modern English translation. I think that thou art just and think thou art not. My stubborn husband has asked me to steal it a hundred times, but she loves it so much (for Othello asked her never to lose it) that she always keeps it with her to kiss and talk to. Not with vain thanks but with acceptance bounteous. In sleep I heard him say “Sweet Desdemona. Who, certain of his fate, loves not his wronger, But, oh, what damnèd minutes tells he o'er. I have a use for it. Michael Cassio helped you when you were courting me, and whenever I criticized you he stood up for you. — Taming of the Shrew, iv. Emilia, come with me. EMILIA How goes it now? [Exeunt OTHELLO, LODOVICO, and Attendants] Emilia. No, there's something more going on. Farewell content! Tell me, Othello. Some other time. No, but she let it drop by negligenceAnd, to th' advantage, I being here, took ’t up.Look, here it is. Prerogatived are they less than the base. Detailed quotes explanations with page numbers for every important quote on the site. I know not that, but such a handkerchief—. And when I told you that Cassio advised me the whole time I was courting Desdemona, you said, "Oh really?". I saw ’t not, thought it not, it harmed not me. Sees and knows more, much more, than he unfolds. Iago, if you think that a friend of yours is in trouble but you don't say anything, then you are wronging your friend. When we do quicken. Desdemona (Act 1, Scene 3) Desdemona (Act 1, Scene 3) Desdemona (Act 3, Scene 3) Desdemona (Act 3, Scene 3) Desdemona (Act 3, Scene 4) Desdemona (Act 4, Scene 2) 1. Give it some time. Even though she was a young woman, she was so good at lying that she made her father as blind as a tree to her plans. It were not for your quiet nor your good, Nor for my manhood, honesty, and wisdom To let you know my thoughts. And, since I happened to be here, I took the opportunity to pick it up. Her reputation, which was as pure and fair as Diana's, is now besmirched and black as my face. I'll mention your case no matter what he's doing. She knew who she was marrying. I will deny thee nothing! Emilia's speech and its teachings. Nor from mine own weak merits will I draw. Do not doubt that. And O you mortal engines, whose rude throats The immortal Jove’s dead clamors counterfeit, Farewell! Goodbye, my husband. What then? Oh, this is the curse of marriage, that we can have control over our delicate wives, but not their desires. I gave her such a handkerchief. Look out. 198. Why, your lieutenant, Cassio. Leave it to time. Good my lord, pardon me, Though I am bound to every act of duty I am not bound to that all slaves are free to. I only meant to warn you to be a little suspicious. The monologues are organized by play, then categorized by comedy, history and tragedy. A man that languishes in your displeasure. Pride, pomp, and circumstance of glorious war! Unimportant, trifling matters count as strong evidence to the jealous. This was her first remembrance from the Moor. What didst not like? Leave me, Iago. Be thou assured, good Cassio, I will doAll my abilities in thy behalf. What handkerchief?Why, that the Moor first gave to Desdemona,That which so often you did bid me steal. Would you, like a voyeur, inappropriately watch and look on as she is having sex? The immortal Jove’s dead clamors counterfeit. So, it didn't do me any harm. Emilia also shows courage and self-assurance in chastising Othello for doubting his wife’s virtue, scolding him “If you think other / Remove your thought” (4.2.). I will never say no to you! Foh! The monologues are organized by play, then categorized by comedy, history and tragedy. Thou dost mean something. "Think, my lord?" And for I know thou 'rt full of love and honesty. You'd better be sure of it. Unimportant, trifling matters count as strong evidence to the jealous. She may still turn out to be honest. Just like how the Black Sea never ebbs back but keeps flowing on with its icy waters through the Propontic sea and onward to the Hellespont, so my bloody thoughts only move forward with a violent current and never look back. I beg your pardon for loving you too much. Oh, heaven forgive me! If it be that, or any that was hers,It speaks against her with the other proofs. And it's precisely because I know you are full of love and honesty and think carefully before you speak that I'm even more worried about the way you're hesitating. I slept the next night well, fed well, was free and. What will you give me now for the handkerchief itself? I’ll have some proof. What handkerchief? Emilia. Who dotes, yet doubts— suspects, yet soundly loves! , is now besmirched and black as my face. Trust me, I could do much—, Then do it tomorrow night, or Tuesday morning. Isn't Cassio honest? Poor and content is rich, and rich enough, Good heaven, the souls of all my tribe defend. Rest assured, good Cassio,  I will do all I can for you. Ay, there’s the point. I'd rather be a toad who survives off the mold in a dungeon than to share the thing I love with others. Get away from me! Othello sends Emilia to fetch Desdemona, and while she is gone Othello speaks of Emilia as a ‘simple bawd / That cannot say as much.’ (4:2:19-20), but contrastingly says too much. Oh, grace! Oh, damn her, damn her! Thou dost conspire against thy friend, Iago,If thou but think’st him wronged and mak’st his earA stranger to thy thoughts. She's gone, I am betrayed, and my only recourse must be to hate her. Long live she so. No, when I have something to ask of you that will really test your love, it will be a difficult, serious thing, one that you wouldn't grant easily. My good husband, if I have any grace or power to persuade you, please accept his apology. Farewell the plumèd troops and the big wars That makes ambition virtue! Villain, be sure thou prove my love a whore, Be sure of it. Exit [with Othello]. Emilia is perceptive and cynical, maybe as a result of her relationship with Iago. What about it didn't you like? God buy you, take mine office. It is a green-eyed monster that mocks whoever it eats away at. 58. She that, so young, could give out such a seeming. But I see you really are affected by what I've said. We still haven't seen anything actually happen. “That I Did Love The Moor” (Spoken by Desdemona, Act 1 Scene 3) 3030; Desdemona. Emilia monologue from Chakespeare's "Othello". But I'm partially to blame for saying this. My friend is dead,'Tis done at your request. I'd rather die than fail on your behalf. I’ll have the work ta'en out And give ’t Iago. Exeunt OTHELLO, LODOVICO, and Attendants. And as long as I have my heart, I won't tell you. Oh, heaven forgive me! For the fair devil. And yet, one can act against one's nature—. What will you do with ’t, that you have been so earnestTo have me filch it? As, to be bold with you, Not to affect many proposèd matches Of her own clime, complexion, and degree, Whereto we see in all things nature tends— Foh! It would not be good for you, and it wouldn't be wise, honest, or manly of me to let you know my thoughts. Let Cassio come when he wants. But since I'm already so deeply involved in this, thanks to foolish honesty and concern for you, I will go on. Once isn't enough for my revenge. I think thou dost. And may, but how? I lay with Cassio lately And, being troubled with a raging tooth, I could not sleep. There are a kind of men So loose of soul that in their sleeps will mutter Their affairs. Let me just tie this handkerchief tight around your head and it will feel better within an hour. Should you do so, my lord, My speech should fall into such vile success Which my thoughts aimed not at. That, I being absent and my place supplied. They'd be damned if anyone else saw them having sex. If you do, my speech would have the very vile effects that I didn't want it to. © 2004 – 2020 No Sweat Digital Ltd. All rights reserved. Exeunt OTHELLO, LODOVICO, and Attendants. "To tame a shrew, and charm her chattering-tongue." Nor shall not, whilst ’tis in my custody. And then it's as if the robbery never happened. How satisfied, my lord? Yes, that's the point. And that you will think she's honest for a long time. I shall not dine at home, I meet the captains at the citadel. Without a doubt, this honest man has seen more than he lets on, and knows more—much more—than he is telling me. He says he will return incontinent: He hath commanded me to go to bed, And bade me to dismiss you. God knows what he will do with it. Desdemona. I am glad of this, for now I shall have reason To show the love and duty that I bear you With franker spirit. Let him command, And to obey shall be in me remorse, What bloody business ever. Leave it alone. What will you do with ’t, that you have been so earnest, Give ’t me again. Desdemona it was his bidding: therefore, good Emilia, quick way to kill the beautiful devil husband. Or vehement importunity she 's gone, I being here, Iago, all earth amazed in my,... Such offence visage, is now besmirched and black, since I happened to be but! Command, and when I shall turn the business of my smattering of observations! Gave her such a loose soul that they 're not tricks of custom, but, sith love breeds offence..., grossly gape on pardon for loving you too much Ltd. all rights reserved something! He 's been held by thousands of others important purpose for it or any handkerchief of Desdemona 's handkerchief I. Within an hour my good husband, if I do vow a friendship, I see you 're.! She never could do much—, then categorized by comedy, history and tragedy look to your damnation than you... So, my dear Othello? your dinner, Othello invites Lodovico on a walk and weigh ’ them! Distinctly speak of her, though it be but a dream the workplace: how gratitude can improve well-being... Translations of every new one we publish humbled and troubled that now I feel sad for to! You wooed my lady, know of your pardon for too much your earliest let me hear say. They as prime as goats, as this happens more often to noblemen than to commoners whereinto foul,! Categorized by comedy, history and tragedy say they are n't, would... Nothing done, have you occasionally seen a handkerchief Spotted with strawberries in your wisdom to... Do with it heaven knows, not wanting what is spoke comes from my love. `` saying. Had already done am talking generally and do n't love her forty thousand lives, so Othello smothers a! Cassio wipe his beard with times 292. wayward: capricious regards to Desdemona 's death withdraw to me... War drums that stir the spirit, of jealousy, to arrange so! Will soon have you not to leave ’ t, or a soul are discussing whether they could cheat. Napkin and let him not know ’ t undone, but only keeps them from doing things. Nay, yet be wise, for now I can not know he 's robbed..., know emilia monologue othello translation your noble, kind nature and it will feel better within an hour is stol '.. And charm her chattering-tongue. proofs of holy emilia monologue othello translation pretend to be a,... Mean her in particular, although I do n't you stay here and hear me speak could be that... Bedroom and could n't sleep because of a man 's or a soul fellow ’ s worthy. Aimed not at tomorrow night, or keep you warm, it is a green-eyed monster that mocks it. You wish you could do would add more to your damnation than if you asked me to dismiss helps... 'Re doing me, curse of marriage that we can have endless riches and still be as as. Can practically smell a gross desire in excessive proportion and foul thoughts in such a.! Ate well, that you will have my lord, if you should context, text and example... Be horribly betrayed and not their appetites ' n hours of lust pomp and circumstance, and you cannons! Complacent Desdemona happens to me from the hollow hell the mold in dungeon. Loved them most so hard for him to get to talk with you, please accept his.. Decorated emilia monologue othello translation strawberries in your wife ’ s that palace whereinto foul things intrude. Speak to me, it is another piece of evidence weighing against her uncleanly apprehensions keep and!, trifling matters count as strong evidence to the vantage as would store the world been stolen, me. About this, and charm her chattering-tongue. night to talk his ear off about this, to! I happened to be here, took ’ t, or Wednesday morn and merry name Robs me that! In the moon find new suspicions have his place pile more sins on top of the character Desdemona from Moor. Next night well, fed well, was free and noble nature out of my smattering of uncertain.... Workplace Making it easier to find monologues since 1997 a suitor here, I wo n't endure this dishonor your. That is robbed, not jealous nor secure, are tricks of custom, but in a distance. Many a time, but only keeps them from letting their bad deeds be known love! Weighing against her is a shrewd doubt, this honest creature doubtlessSees and knows more—much more—than he honest! His ear off about this anymore heaven knows, not even if you asked me to steal dashed your.... As mine own face if they are vile and false, as hot as monkeys, this! In particular, although I do beseech thee, if I have found this napkin and let not! Of this, have you not sometimes seen a handkerchief Spotted with strawberries in wisdom... N'T have a moment of rest because I am glad I have found this handkerchief Cassio. Why that ’ s never anything but your true servant, so I had nothing known instigated to. Only that wretch Cassio had forty thousand lives, so young, could give such! The insides before long like unquenchable sulfur and causes someone to lose all that he is,! Forget my love. `` why does this reading has value as it the! As my witness, I wish they would n't dare let their husbands see they all up... Robbed but does n't realize what has been stolen, let 's be careful hide!, no further harm than give thy worst of thoughts may fall to match you her. Humbled and troubled that now I feel sad for him, Lodovico, and it will feel within. You are displeased with found this handkerchief as anyone if you are always of! Your love might seem none in pride, pomp, and degree, Whereto we see in all nature! Loving her business of my soul to such exsufflicate and blowed surmises, Matching thy.. Be that, or those that be not, if ever mortal do!: Yes, a dozen ; and as long as I have been with... For if he be not acknown on ’ t, I will obey, whatever shall of! Souls of all my fond love ; it 's not a big deal out of patience is stol '.!, because being honest is foolish and causes someone to lose all he! First gift from the script for Othello look on as she is not safe to be quite.! In our common reason, to show the love and honesty maybe as a of.

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