Meet Brent

Former Personal trainer, current health enthusiast. I have been cooking and preparing meals for a long time and finally decided I wanted to share many of the recipes that I have enjoyed week after week. Cooking is certainly a passion, I fervently believe in the mantra:

“I don’t eat to live, I live to eat”


That being said, I would encourage you to continue reading about me, but the sooner you start browsing recipes, the sooner you can begin loading food into your mouth with reckless abandon.

Meet Alyssa

I would undoubtedly be overweight right now if I wasn’t accompanied by my obnoxious, but beautiful girlfriend slash food disposal unit Alyssa.

Let’s be honest, one of the best things about cooking is eating your food and when you constantly try new recipes, there is plenty of it to eat. Although, there is an occasional bad batch like the one time I tried to make homemade protein bars, which turned out more like poop colored rocks dipped in an oil spill. There is also the time I made protein muffins, which I then had to decide whether to use as a slightly unappealing paper weight, or attempt to eat and pretend the rock like consistency wasn’t shattering my teeth with each bite. Even still, its a cardinal sin to waste food, so through thick and thin you eat, eat, eat. I suppose then I should thank Alyssa, who bravely (poor soul) consumes any and all of the things I do manage to put together especially those things with a modicum of tastiness. The down side of course being that whenever I precisely plan out my meals, I know there is a wild Alyssa out there somewhere waiting to skim off the top and alter my serving sizes…

Meet MMP

Now the reason for the site, other than sharing deliciousness. I wanted to create a home and safe haven for all recipes that meet 1 of 3 criteria:

  1. Healthy
  2. Low Carb/Keto Friendly
  3. Natural

Now what are you waiting for! I made the site to give you the convenient ability to do a few really great things:

Learn More about MMP here.

Wow! Look at the handsome face!

My Headshot
^ This guy.

But this face though....

Alyssa the Food Disposal Unit
^Meet Alyssa