Cauliflower Pizza

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October 19, 2016

Pizza lovers rejoice! Now you have a healthy, low-carb option that fits perfectly into your diet! Even if you are not a huge fan of cauliflower, the amount of cheese loaded into this thing is enough to make you overlook that fact! Experiment with different toppings to make different styles of pizza such as classic, meat lovers, buffalo, BBQ and more!

  • Prep: 5 mins
  • Cook: 40 mins
  • Yields: about 4 servings


11. Preheat oven to 425 F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

22. Pulse cauliflower in a blender or food processor with water until it is the consistency of rice. Drain the water in a strainer as much as possible. If you need to get it drier, you can also use a paper towel to soak up some water.

33. Place cauliflower on parchment and spread evenly. Bake for about 20 minutes until it's tender and starts to brown. Remove from oven.

44. Transfer to large mixing bowl and add in Mozzarella and parmasean cheese as well as beaten egg. Stir together until well mixed and sticky. (A stand mixer works great for this)

55. Line the baking sheet with new parchment paper and add the mixture back to the pan. Repeat step 3 and bake for about 15 minutes.

66. Remove from oven and spread sauce over the "pie". Then add your toppings, followed by cheese topping. Bake again for an additional 10 minutes.

77. Let pizza cool for about 5 minutes before serving.



1 full head of cauliflower

1 large egg, beaten

2 cups of mozzarella cheese

1 cup of parmasean cheese


Sauce of your choice (i would recommend tomato sauce, bbq sauce, or buffalo sauce)

Cheese of your choice (i would recommend mozzarella or cheddar)

Toppings of choice (chicken, beef, sausage, pepperoni, olives, onions, peppers, etc.)

Seasonings of choice


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