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but are the results obtained worth the cost? simultaneously(metal footplates, metal cylinders, & gel pads, microcurrent garments **sold separately). Uofficielt: Dr. Mehmet Oz. Or, call to speak with someone. The second P-tube (below) is patterned after one of the largest original Phanotron tubes that was ever used with a Rife system, to the best of my knowledge. I thought using the Rife machine helped with detoxing as well???? When I tried my friend's Rife machine, she punched in the frequency number for Babesia, I held two metal handles in my hands, and she started the machine - very low. )-Optional RF carrier wave for deep penetration and full harmonics. Typical examples of devices with which these tubes can be used are the BioTech 2000 and the Photon Sound Beam units as well as others using the same approach. With conductors (that is completing the circuit when you offers 623,487 life support machine products. Related: rife machines rife machine gb-4000 royal rife machine rife putter spooky2 gb 4000 generator rife frequency machine rife frequency generator spooky. Don't be fooled by 'Peak' Power Claims. Natural & Alternative Remedies; Medical & Mobility; Condition. I want to get a machine to treat MS. She also has previous experience as a certified lab animal technician at the University of Alberta. Rife Conference 2000. I think that by going on some Rife and Lyme forums, we'll get some of our questions answered. What a steal..I mean deal!! (Easy to use. Local pickup (703 miles away) Posted 1 year ago in Beauty & health. The UK's hospital system is on the brink of collapse, forcing overworked staff to postpone cancer treatments, stretch oxygen supplies, and put themselves at risk of catching COVID-19 It is very important that the unit you choose has plasma ray tubes. As for price I know there is a guy in Arizona that makes them and sells them for over $3000. pulsating square etc. BIO-Wellness Lifestyle - Your PEMF Coach. •  The stand-alone ray beam tubes which can go higher in power however you have the distance factor and typically outputs in a 360 degree radius. ... Don Tunney gave a short description on the use of the RB machine for Batyah Elizabeth, assisting in her remission from cancer, and the side effects use of the machine may have, and the importance of having competent medical assistance if one is planning on using this type of device. The audio frequencies were not the frequencies that would devitalize or kill the various microorganisms. There have been a number of research papers showing a link between the use of electricity and/or frequencies for the treatment of cancer going all the way back to an article in The Lancet from 1880. That is my dilemna!!! Some manufactures claim power output in Peak Power watts which is invalid. Free shipping . It has been known that everything vibrates at its own frequency. Marshall is married to actress Renee Griffin, with whom he has two sons. Electricity was used to reduce weight, grow hair and remove hemorrhoids. It is a BioTech 2000, and it looks like it was hardly used. Include description. New (2) Items (2) Used (1) Items (1) -Higher frequency range than others. The ray tubes produce a … Medical Company. The estate sale people had no idea what this machine was, and just wanted to get rid of it! Biotech 2000 Ray Tube Rife Frequency Machine. It is a pad device as opposed to air device, but is similar to the BioTech 2000, except it doesnt have the plasma holds. C $ to C $ Buying Format. Dennis, It is manufactured by the same people who manufacture the BioPet Remedy Device that I use and sell. Maybe there will be some others come in to give an opinion. American scientist Royal Raymond Rife invented the Rife machine. check out the video showing this below. -->Free e-Guide - Your Body Electric: An Introduction to Bioenergetics: Dr. Christine Schaffner will help you learn the basic principles of energy, frequency and vibrational healing! In 1936 Dr.

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